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Kamis, 19 April 2012

Hamtaro Papercraft ^^ Unyu-Unyu

(Sing) Tukutuk Hamtaro bernyanyi, Hamtaro berputar di atas roda putarnya, apa yang paling dia senangi? Biji bunga matahari! ^^
That is a song of Hamtaro soundtrack movie with Indonesian language. I hope you also know that it is wonderful anime. (Unyu-unyu in Indonesia).
And if you want to pet him on your huse you can enjoy it here. ^^
Oh ya, if you click link below and you find it's only my little things skip it for sharing something to me free. Wait only 5 seconds. ^^

Download Hamtaro-1 Papercraft Free
Download Hamtaro-1 Papercraft Free

How To Download? It is 100% free for you ^_^

1. Click Download Link above. And I will use Bahasa Indonesia after this. But you who don't understand can see the picture.

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